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Teluk Intan road trip

Lured by a single landmark, Teluk Intan turns out to have so much more for the intrepid traveller than its iconic leaning tower. Surrounded by the mighty Sungai Perak, it’s still untapped, but if it gets the attention and investment it deserves, this diamond in the rough could be Perak’s next shining gem.

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24 Hours in Taiping

After listing Kuala Sepetang in my 2015 Wish List, I finally made it there, a year and 10 months later but better than never.

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Kuala Kangsar day trip

Sometimes all it takes is a single image. The spires of the Sagrada Familia, the crumpled silver folds of the Disney Concert Hall, the gleaming onion shaped domes of the Ubudiah Mosque. It was the latter that sent me on a quest to Kuala Kangsar.

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Tanjung Malim, Ma-Ni Thai and the power of the pau

The haze had become oppressive, and Matt and I desperately needed to escape it. To do that we’d have to fly somewhere, but there was no chance of that. Matt’s schedule meant that we had one night away at best. Ma-Ni Thai Cuisine (and Villas) just outside of Tanjung Malim on the Selangor side of the Sungai Bernam divide is one and a half hours from KL, so we headed there instead….

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Ipoh, Otherfest and Old Haunts

I was pretty excited when Otherfest was announced. A celebration of Old Town Ipoh’s history and arts and food culture organised by Kakiseni, it was due to go down October/November. But work had started to trickle in and I was beginning to think my chance of discovering new things about Perak’s capital would pass me by. And then Saturday opened up…

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Ipoh wedding wanderings

In Ipoh for Vasantha’s wedding, Matt and I were there for less than 24-hours. Which isn’t much time for two people who hate rushing around. Fortunately Ipoh is a remarkably compact city that’s easy to get around. Aside from catching up with friends, we managed to squeeze in a stay at Weil Hotel, eat brunch at a family-run kopitiam, and have our heart strings pulled by (the late) Yasmin Ahmad.

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