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Phewa Tal @ Pokhara, 2014

Stream fed and dam regulated, Phewa Tal is Nepal’s second largest lake. Why it is also the focal point for visitors to Pokhara is easy to see. Quiet and still, and framed by lush green slopes followed by the dramatic snow capped peaks of the mighty Annapurna range, Phewa Tal is mesmerising.

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Thamel @ Kathmandu, 2014

Surrounded by the majesty of the Himalayas and its awe-inspiring snow capped peaks or by the swelter of the rich fertile plains of the Terai lowlands where rhinos roam and tigers lie in wait, it’s easy to dismiss Thamel as a dusty budget-tourist trap. But Thamel has its charms and deserves love. In a way it’s like your first friend on your first day at school – friendly and uncomplicated.

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Cats of Nepal

More than 22,500 dogs live on the streets of Kathmandu Valley. Cats on the other hand are harder to spot. I only found my first while whizzing down the mountain side in a tourist bus enroute to Pokhara. This short album is dedicated to Nepal’s feline residents.

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