On holiday

I’ve been working in lifestyle publishing for the last 15 years but it’s only in the last few years that I’ve come to realise just how much I live for holidays.

Just as I love the sense of discovery that comes with getting to know a city that I’ve never visited before, I thrill at finally coming face to face with a building I’ve only ever seen in pictures, and I embrace the nostalgia of walking down a street I may have wandered down once before regardless of whether I find it now different or exactly the same.

If some get their adrenaline rush from bungee-jumping off a bridge or driving a really fast car, I get my kicks from leaving it all behind.  This blog is dedicated to getting away and is meant to inspire you to take a trip of your own and escape from the overly familiar, even if it’s only for one day.

I hope you enjoy the blog. Bon voyage!

Muna Noor

To contact me for freelance travel articles, or to reprint any of the articles on this blog, contact me at cat-chow@rocketmail.com or call me at +60 19 202 6310.  You can also view my Linkedin profile here. 

5 things you should know about this blog:
1. All photographs are mine unless otherwise credited.
2. All travel expenses are borne by myself unless otherwise stated.
3. I only recommend hotels and stays I would want to bed down at. That doesn’t mean I won’t stay at places other than those that I recommend, but I wouldn’t send you to a place I wouldn’t be willing to go to myself, and my recommendations reflect my personal tastes.
4. I’m a pescatarian. If you see meat dishes in my food photos, I didn’t eat them and any feedback I share is based on comments made by my dinner companions.
5. I will not participate in or promote tourist attractions that are cruel to animals  or that engage in practises that are detrimental to the environment or disrupt the natural order of the ecosystem.

My travel writing has has appeared in JUICE, Esquire Malaysia, EVO Malaysia, Expatriate Lifestyle, Honda With Dreams, MSN Malaysia, and Go ASEAN and Lost At SEA for whom I script wrote episodes.

6 thoughts on “About”

    1. Hey Cath! Thanks for checking in. Yes I’ll definitely be posting it up and sharing it with everyone. Just that I’ve been so behind on the blog because of work. Hope to get to it soon! : )

    1. Cool! I’ve dabbled in veganism – I go vegan for Veganuary – and I try to be vegetarian most times but travelling sometimes throws a spanner in the works. Southeast Asian food relies very heavily on fish and prawns.

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