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4 sublime stays by the Bridge on the River Kwai

Kanchanaburi province’s exotic mix of natural beauty and historical sites are worth more than the day trip allotted to it by Bangkok day-trippers. Those who stay often opt for the livelier Kanchanaburi, but the tranquil Khwae Yai, where WW2’s most notorious bridge crosses the river holds undeniable charm. These four stylish stays are a convenient 10 minutes walk away of bridge and station.

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Cycling Tour @ Bang Krachao Island, Bangkok

I love Bangkok, but after 4 days by the peaceful banks of the River Kwai, the city’s traffic, noise and crowds felt oppressive. So I arranged to escape the metropolis for a bicycle tour of Bang Krachao, a small artificial island in the middle of the Chao Phraya River.

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Speedboat Cruise @ River Kwai

So much of a visit to Kanchanaburi and Kwai is focused on the railway, from the track originally built during the war, to the train journey there, and the iron bridge that crosses it. But to only gaze on  the river from your hotel or a cafe, or cross it by bridge, is to miss a very important part of it – being on it.

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Back to cooking school @ Blue Elephant, Bangkok

I like to think I can cook, and I would probably continue to harbour such delusions were it not for TV programmes like Master Chef Junior, seemingly designed to remind me what a hopelessly talentless amateur I am. So when Leigh suggested taking a cooking class while we were in Bangkok, I jumped at opportunity. Here was a chance to hone my skills, learn some new recipes, and perhaps show up those Junior Masterchefs….

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Street Art @ Siam Bangkok

I’m not going to pretend the street art I snapped in Siam, where I was based for the first 3 days of my Bangkok trip, is representative of all street art in Bangkok. This creative metropolis is just too big to get through on one visit. But Siam is a great place to start….

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