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Tanglir waterfall hike

Just 45 minutes drive from KL city centre, Selesa Hills could rival Cameron Highlands as a hilltop escape. A valley of lush vegetable farms surrounded by forested hills, it is dotted with attractive holiday homes, and for the roving gourmand there are seafood restaurants to dine at and stalls selling fresh produce for cheap. Sure, Selesa Hills’ climate is not as temperate and it lacks the tea plantations, but its bucolic setting is just as soothing, and its accessibliliy and absence of crowds are hard to beat. Besides, if the heat does get to you, there’s always Tanglir Waterfall.

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Teluk Intan road trip

Lured by a single landmark, Teluk Intan turns out to have so much more for the intrepid traveller than its iconic leaning tower. Surrounded by the mighty Sungai Perak, it’s still untapped, but if it gets the attention and investment it deserves, this diamond in the rough could be Perak’s next shining gem.

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Gunung Ledang hike via Asahan

The combination of post-hike euphoria of summiting and the passing of time can conspire to erase any memory of pain or at the very least downplay the discomfort. This may be why I remember the hike up Gunung Ledang via the Lagenda trail as a fun vertical obstacle course. And maybe it was. But I can categorically say that the hike up Ledang via Asahan is not. Sure there’s rock climbing and ladder runs, but coming after an already long and arduous hike, this is the route for hikers who are keen to push themselves.

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