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Westwood Highland @ Cameron Highlands

Set 20 kilometres outside of Tanah Rata in Kampung Raja, the spotlessly clean and simple rustic minimalism of Westwood Highland guesthouse is an adequate base for hiking Cameron Highland’s tougher hills, but an even better place to wind down and do nothing.

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Cameron Highlands escape – a weekend of summit and scones

With an early Saturday start and a possible late finish to my Gunung Yong Belar hike, pulling a 6 to 8 hour return drive up and down the winding roads of Cameron Highlands was the last thing I wanted to do. I’d be tired, muddy and probably wrapped around a tree if I did. So in the interest of safety and sufficient rest, I booked a  two night stay and Richard and I headed to the highlands for the weekend. Continue reading Cameron Highlands escape – a weekend of summit and scones

Gunung Nuang hike via Pangsoon

Back in 2014, like a n00b who didn’t know any better, I signed up for the Nuang Jungle Marathon. My hike up and down this formidable 1493 meter peak took just over 8 hours but it was all a blur – all I could recall were its eternal jeep track and menacing clay gullies. Naturally I wanted to do it again….

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Bentong-Raub-Bukit Tinggi roadtrip

It felt too long between road trips, so colluding over coffee one afternoon we  decided we’d head north (sort of). Into the interior. Richard, April and I. Bentong-Raub-Bentong-Janda Baik-Bukit Tinggi. It was a lot of ground to cover but we had no plans to rush. We’d play it loose. Bentong for breakfast, Raub for lunch and Bukit Tinggi for for dinner.

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Gunung Bunga Buah hike

I like to think that my annual New Year’s day hike is a tradition, even though it only started it in 2014 when Hafiza and I hiked up Gunung Nuang from Janda Baik. 2015’s first hike came a little late in February, but better late than never. So it was left to 2016’s 1st January trek up Gunung Bunga Buah with the KL Hiking crew to cement the tradition.

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