Gunung Ledang hike via Asahan

The combination of post-hike euphoria of summiting and the passing of time can conspire to erase any memory of pain or at the very least downplay the discomfort. This may be why I remember the hike up Gunung Ledang via the Lagenda trail as a fun vertical obstacle course. And maybe it was. But I can categorically say that the hike up Ledang via Asahan is not. Sure there’s rock climbing and ladder runs, but coming after an already long and arduous hike, this was the route for those keen to push themselves.

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Jeram Perlus hike

Sometimes you’ve got to want something really badly. Jeram Perlus is one of those things. It takes between 2 1/2 to 3 hours to hike the nearly 8 kilometres to get to this hidden cascade. In less time and with less effort you could be at another waterfall, swimming and catching fish with your teeth. But unlike Jeram Perlus, you won’t have the place all to yourself.

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Bukit Sapu Tangan hike

After a two-year hiatus, Khairul was having trouble on the trail up towards Bukit Sapu Tangan’s 204 metre peak. That’s probably how “Handkerchief Hill” got its name I joked – he’d need one to wipe away his tears. But it could  just as likely reference the surrounding forest’s diminishing size….

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Muar day trip

Not to be mistaken for the district of the same name, Muar or Bandar Maharani as it’s called, in honour of Maharajah Abu Bakar’s consort, Maharani Fatimah, this charming town is located at the estuary of Sungai Muar. Though conferred this special title in 1887 and made a royal town in 2012, Muar has a long and complicated history pre-dating the founding of Melaka, and it’s having a bit of resurgence. Most come for its culinary specialities but there’s more to Muar than satay breakfasts and mee bandung brunches.

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