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Hari Moyang and Puja Pantai @ Pulau Carey

You can grow up in Malaysia, read books about it and travel across it, but to truly know it, is to know its people. Just an hour outside of the bright lights and shiny structures of Kuala Lumpur is Pulau Carey, an unremarkable slice of Selangor, if not for the beguiling Mah Meri. Continue reading Hari Moyang and Puja Pantai @ Pulau Carey

Wish list 2019 – cuti-cuti Malaysia edition

On a personal level, 2018 was a difficult year: job upheaval; my dad being diagnosed with prostate cancer; Jaf, my cat developing health problems. I lost my motivation to do many things, and though I travelled extensively in the first half of the year, in the second it became difficult to pull overnighters. For 2019 my horizons may have had to become smaller, but a girl can still dream….

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Teluk Intan road trip

Lured by a single landmark, Teluk Intan turns out to have so much more for the intrepid traveller than its iconic leaning tower. Surrounded by the mighty Sungai Perak, it’s still untapped, but if Teluk Intan gets the attention and investment it deserves, this diamond in the rough could be Perak’s next shining gem.

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Muar day trip

Not to be mistaken for the district of the same name, Muar or Bandar Maharani as it’s called, in honour of Maharajah Abu Bakar’s consort, Maharani Fatimah, is having a bit of resurgence. Most come for its culinary specialities, but there’s more to Muar than satay breakfasts and mee bandung brunches.

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Kuala Selangor day trip

When the sun goes down, the coastal town of Kuala Selangor is descended upon by tourists, not for its nightlife, but its firefly colonies. April, Richard and I were there recently and checked out the former state capital’s daytime draws.

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