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Kuala Selangor day trip

When the sun goes down, the coastal town of Kuala Selangor is descended upon by tourists, not for its nightlife, but its firefly colonies. April, Richard and I were there recently and checked out the former state capital’s daytime draws.

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24 Hours in Taiping

After listing Kuala Sepetang in my 2015 Wish List, I finally made it there, a year and 10 months later but better than never.

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MYCAT CAT Walk – Going back to the start

I can’t remember the last time I went for a CAT Walk as a volunteer – I had signed up to be a CAT Walk leader almost immediately after my first in 2013. But with me about to pick up my volunteering game and start leading after a 10 month hiatus, I needed to get back in the field.

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