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Pinang Sari Homestay @ Sabak Bernam


Offering a slice of kampung life, Pinang Sari Homestay is located in the idyllic rice bowl district of Selangor’s Sabak Bernam, just over 2 hours outside of Kuala Lumpur. As its doesn’t have a website and has yet to be listed on AirBnb, it’s appearance on Pokok Kelapa is something of an exclusive. Yay!

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10 boutique beds in Bangkok for under RM250

With the Malaysian Ringgit taking an almighty plunge, getting more value out of every hard earned Ringgit is more important than ever. Searching for a comfortable stay in Bangkok with character and within budget, here are my top picks for some seriously super stays under RM250.

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It’s about the company you keep

Friends forever

For the longest time I was a solo traveller – and I loved it! I relished the freedom of picking up and going whenever I felt like it, and staying for as long as I wanted. With the emphasis on “I”. But things have changed. I’m not as rigid as I used to be. Going with the flow and giving a travel companion reign to decide what to do opens up a world of possibilities. Meet some of my incredibly fun, generous, tolerant (of me) travel companions.

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6 super stays for an old Bangkok breakaway

Bangkok doesn’t just have to be about shopping and bars and clubs. It can be about culture. The old city on Rattanakosin island is perfect for sightseeing. Located amidst the temples and palaces, nearby to where water taxis wait to jettison you to floating markets, here are 6 great stays I’m considering for my next great escape.

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Cats of Nepal

More than 22,500 dogs live on the streets of Kathmandu Valley. Cats on the other hand are harder to spot. I only found my first while whizzing down the mountain side in a tourist bus enroute to Pokhara. This short album is dedicated to Nepal’s feline residents.

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