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The Ipoh Run


With the satisfaction of having finally gotten to Kellie’s Castle, Reta, Richard and I jump back in the truck and after navigating some back roads (thanks Waze!) we arrive in Ipoh 20 minutes later. Time for something to eat….

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Kellie’s Castle @ Batu Gajah Perak

My trip to Sungai Lembing had fallen through. But where to go? Reta was off work, Richard was up for it and Livian was in Ipoh for the weekend.  All signs pointed North. So travel plans were hastily made and on Friday we bundled in the truck for a day trip to Ipoh.

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Hot New Stays @ Ipoh

If you needed proof of what a desirable destination Ipoh has become, in the last 6 months there’s been a string of new hotel openings. And thanks to the North-South highway, KTM’s ETS (electric train service) from KL and flights from Singapore and Indonesia via Malindo and now Tiger Airways, visitor numbers are expected to skyrocket. You can check my previous hotel recommendations here, but if you’re after something completely novel, here’s a short list of Ipoh’s coolest new additions.

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Back to cooking school @ Blue Elephant, Bangkok

I like to think I can cook, and I would probably continue to harbour such delusions were it not for TV programmes like Master Chef Junior, seemingly designed to remind me what a hopelessly talentless amateur I am. So when Leigh suggested taking a cooking class while we were in Bangkok, I jumped at opportunity. Here was a chance to hone my skills, learn some new recipes, and perhaps show up those Junior Masterchefs….

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Street Art @ Siam Bangkok

I’m not going to pretend the street art I snapped in Siam, where I was based for the first 3 days of my Bangkok trip, is representative of all street art in Bangkok. This creative metropolis is just too big to get through on one visit. But Siam is a great place to start….

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Gunung Datuk hike

I felt like a lapsed mountain bagger. It was mid-February and my first mountain hike seemed late in the new year. Better late than never I guess. Located in Rembau in Negeri Sembilan, Gunung Datuk is 870 metres tall, which makes it a hill rather than a mountain. But after more than a two months away, it felt every inch the mountain.

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9 things to do in Sabak Bernam

For those who enjoy simple pleasures, you can’t go far wrong with Sabak Bernam. Located in the far northern corner of Selangor, this scenic coastal district is surrounded by rice fields and beyond that lush forests. Here are some of the activities Pinang Sari Homestay organised for us during stay.

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